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Valentine's Day

  • Preparation:
    varies- see information below
Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (APCQ)
Quebec Cranberry Growers Association (APCQ)


Cranberry and Breakfast Cereal

  • Dehydrated or dried cranberries
  • Cereal
  • Milk
  • Bowl

Cranberry and Pancake Breakfast

  • Preparation for pancakes
  • Fresh, dried or jellied cranberries
  • Maple syrup or custard

Cranberry Heart Muffin

  • Fresh cranberries
  • Muffins
  • Icing sugar

Chocolate Mousse and Cranberries

  • Fresh cranberries
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Chocolate shavings

Valentine's Day on Your Table

  • PHOTO 6
    • Heart shaped bowl
    • Dried cranberries coated with chocolate
  • PHOTO 7
    • 8 roses
    • Fresh cranberries


Red is in the spotlight on Valentine's Day. Why not add cranberries to it? We present simple cranberry tips to show affection for your Valentine.

Cranberry and Cereal Breakfast


  1. Pour the cereal of your choice in a bowl and stir in the milk.
  2. Make a heart out of dehydrated or dried cranberries.
  3. Your Valentine will be amazed by this simple thought.

Cranberry and Pancake Breakfast


  1. Mix the pancake preparation of your choice.
  2. Pour the pancake mixture into your pan, forming a heart.
  3. If you can't make a heart, cook your round pancake. Once cooked, place the pancake on a cutting board, then use a knife to cut out the shape of a heart.
  4. Place the pancake on a plate.
  5. Add fresh cranberries and other red berries. You can also put dried cranberries or cranberry jelly with a little maple syrup or custard.

Cranberry Heart Muffin


  1. Follow the recipe for Maple Cranberry muffins
  2. Decorate baked and cooled muffins.
  3. Sprinkle a little icing sugar on top of the muffin.
  4. Drop three cranberries to form a heart.
  5. You can also frost the cranberries. To do this, place cranberry syrup and granulated sugar in two soup plates. Dip the cranberries in the syrup, then in the sugar.

TIP - Life is simple: Buy a boxed muffin preparation at the grocery store. Follow the package instructions and add fresh or frozen cranberries. Your muffins will pleasantly surprise your loved one.

Chocolate Mousse & Cranberries 


  1. Follow the recipe for Chocolate mousse and pan-seared Cranberries, maple syrup & cardamom.
  2. In the original recipe, the suggested presentation is to form dumplings on a plate. To do it differently, you can pour the cream into a bowl.
  3. Decorate the mousse by placing fresh cranberries and chocolate shavings on it (take a bar of chocolate and using a paring knife, scrape the chocolate to get shavings).
  4. You can also pour the cranberry sauce from the original recipe over the chocolate mousse or place the sauce in another bowl so that each can serve the desired amount.

Chocolate Gift


  1. Choose dried cranberries coated with chocolate to offer to your Valentine.

Valentine's Day on Your Table


  1. Place a heart-shaped bowl in the center of the table.
  2. Fill the bowl with fresh cranberries or chocolate-coated cranberries.


  1. Cut the stems of the roses.
  2. Place the flowers in the center of the table to form a heart.
  3. Add fresh cranberries or chocolate-coated cranberries around the heart in pink.

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